Thursday, March 13, 2014


Dr. Oz would be so proud of my breakfast consumption. Folks, we've got a whole lot of fiber going on here. I won't even begin to tell you what I thought I should name this post. 

I am a big fan of breakfast. Nothing too fancy and nothing greasy, just some good instant oatmeal.  I used to only like the Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker instant oatmeal (Yes, Quaker is a must. I tried the Target brand...never again.  Some things just should not be messed with.)  Then upon urging from a friend of mine, I tried the Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal.  And...wait for's like angels are singing from the Heavens every time I eat it. I love this stuff. Where have you been all my life?!?! 
(Pardon me, sometimes I tend to be dramatic.)

Anywho, we have two never ending bags of flaxseeds and chia seeds that I use for the homemade granola I make once or twice a month.  But these bags are big and I felt like I should find another use for them.  So, I decided to mix in about a tablespoon of flaxseed and about a heaping teaspoon of the chia seeds and see how it turned out.  

Fantastic. That's how it turned out!

I'm totally digging my morning routine with the healthy additions to the oatmeal.  I think I might really outdo myself in future oatmeal bowls by adding a little walnut action! Watch out!

And the best part?
I used to start getting hungry before 11:00 am, but now I'm totally full until I have lunch around noon.  Totally impressive to me.  Those chia seeds are really doing their job.  (Added perk: every morning when I grab the bag of chia seeds from the pantry, I sing the Chia Pet song.  Yep, I know, you are totally singing it too now. Aren't ya?)

It's good to note, however, not to go hog wild on the chia sends. Not only do they expand to 10x their size (or something like that) but because I sprinkle them in at the end of mixing my oatmeal and hot water together, they don't become super wet - so they stay pretty crunchy. Which isn't bad when you don't include too many but if you go bananas with the chia seeds, you'll feel like you have a mouthful of birdseed stuck between your teeth.  (Totally not something that I'm interested in, at least.) 

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