Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm a big fan of Gap.  In grade school, there was a boy that called me "Gap Kid" because I had this flannel patchwork shirt that you were supposed to wear inside out (to see the seams and look totally rogue, like all 8 year olds are yearning to look like).  I loved it.  And then I saw Randy on the Home Improvement show were the exact same shirt.  Yep, I'm now realizing why I also got mistaken as my father's grandson.  It's all coming full circle to me now. 

Anywho, I got over wearing the same shirt as JTT and haven't wavered from my love of the Gap (although there were a few questionable years in the early 2000 where I'm not sure anyone loved the Gap, I think I took a few years off during that time -- that also was just after I worked at the Gap for a few years and bought my paycheck and more each week worth of clothes...whoops. So much for actually getting paid (it was a second job after all, so it's cool). 

Ok, where was I? Sometimes I get side-tracked...

Gap. Yep.

I think I've beat a dead horse (no, not literally, I don't have a horse, if I did, his name would be Lightening) when I say that my wardrobe consists of jeans, tees and cardigans.  Yep. I've mentioned it once or seventeen times.  It's cool.  It's true, too. 

Again, BACK to the point...
I just tried the Breathe series of shirts from GapFit, which are not only great for Yoga, but they aren't so work-out-y (NEW WORD!) that you can pair them with jeans. Score! I love when something had a double use.  (We are storage-challenged in our house.) The t-shirts, especially, fit so well I'm pretty sure I bought it in every color. (I have an addiction to soft yoga clothing and I'm happy to admit it.  The good news is that I actually do yoga.  So it's totally cool.)

Now, I know what you are thinking...
AnnE, you shouldn't just fill your wardrobe with tees, you should branch out and get the long sleeve and tank top versions of the Breathe shirt too...

Never FEAR!

Also, super cool.  Love the thumb holes (although I never use them.) Why? I don't know why I never put my thumbs in their place, do you use them?
(PS: I'm one cup of coffee down and no oatmeal in my tummy yet, can ya tell? can ya? Wee-HOO!)

The tank top is a lot like it's more expensive sister, the Chi Tank at Athleta. I'd have to say that the Athleta version (of which I also have, I know, I seriously need to branch out of the Gap family brand. But I can't! Enter my yoga addiction...again!) Anyway, the Chi tank might fit a little better, but in all seriousness, the fabric is frighteningly similar and the Gap tank is a fraction of a price - especially since there always seems to be some sort of sale going on at Gap whereas Athleta rarely has a sale (on the stuff I want at least).

All in all, let me recap the things we've learned this morning:
1. Coffee makes me chatty.
2. I need to do more yoga and less yoga clothes shopping.
3. Go buy yourself some of your own Breathe gear! I have no ties to the Gap family and they haven't asked me to gush about their brands. I'm just a lifer.  Simple as that.

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