Thursday, March 20, 2014

T is for...

Trains (yes, I know there is no actual train in this station, it was on it's way in behind me.)

So I took Bart to meet Mike in Berkeley and take his car back home and he was going to jump on Bart to head into the city, but then he realized he didn't have enough time to get over to Berkeley before his next meeting, so really I just took a field trip to Berkeley and back in the middle of the day to enjoy the people watching and scenery.  Yep, I'm pretty cool like that.   I had forgotten the prime people watching you can take in while on public transit.  I may just start riding the Bart for a stop or two when bored, it's just THAT good. 

PS - as it turns out some days it's probably not all that fun that I am blogging in TODAY.  Sorry about that. I'm going on vacation soon which means the blog will become exciting again and less about empty train tracks. :) 

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