Monday, March 10, 2014

newest obsession

I've always been a coffee drinker.  1.17 cups in the morning and I'm ready to tackle the day (I usually like the idea of pouring myself a second cup of coffee but rarely actually drink it.)

I really never thought I'd get a Keurig - to me they seemed wasteful and not like "real" coffee.  (Unsure what "real" coffee is defined as in my head because I was totally a fool to think that the Keurig doesn't brew "real" coffee.) I think I liked the idea of getting the kitchen smelling of fresh coffee and the actual act of putting the coffee grounds in the maker and hitting the button to brew.  (Yep, I know, totally logical.)   And then I tried the Keurig while staying at my sister's for a week and it was like the heaven's opened and angels sang glorious songs every morning I hit the button.

I was sold. So I came home to tell Mike that after all this time of thinking I could make a cup of coffee better than the Keurig, I was wrong.

tail between my legs, wrong.
foot in mouth, wrong.
I was wrong. 

The Keurig makes a cup of coffee that is bomb-diggity.  So I decided to finish all the coffee that I had in the house, donate my old machine to Goodwill and head on over to Costco to get a Keurig.  And you know what? I bought it 1 day too soon because they have a coupon right now going for $25 off a Keurig machine.  But you know what? Costco is so awesome that when I brought my receipt and coupons in, they gave me a price adjustment. (FYI - Costco does price adjustments up to 30 days from the date of fact that I didn't know until just the other day.)

Totally sold.  Mike, the non-coffee drinker in the house, is sold too. He likes to get the sugary sweet 7-11 cappuccinos and we found a great option for the Keurig so now he doesn't have to go to 7-11! We'll still have to stop in now and then because we really like the guy that runs the 7-11 and don't want him to miss us. (It's like that Chevy volt commercial where the people at the gas station don't know his name...) (just like that).  (So many parentheses, I just can't stop!)

So all in all. I'm thrilled with our purchase, to the point where the first morning we had it, I woke up at 4am because I was so jacked to try it out.  Like a kid at Christmas, I tell you.

And, I'd just like to point out that neither Keurig nor Costco has any affiliation with me and this post. I'm just a huge fan.

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