Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

My shopping buddy - riding the elevator at Macy's. Yes, dogs (not just service dogs) are welcome, she even played with another dog in the men's dress shirt area for a while. Pretty much the coolest part about CA - how pet-friendly every place is. She also knows which stores have dog treats, she'll stop and sit in the entrance until she gets their attention. Little stinker has become such a beggar that I don't let her get treats anymore, just some pets is all she needs. 

$3 bushel of tulips makes me happy. Whole Foods rocks! 

Super clean puppy dog! 2 baths in 2 days - not typical but she smells delightful! 

Full bloom! It's amazing how all the leaves and flowers have bloomed in the past week. Rainy nights and 70 degree days with sun make the plants happy (me too, for that matter!) 

Sunday Funday by Barkley's standards is to sit on the busiest street in town and watch the traffic whiz by! 

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