Saturday, March 15, 2014

saturday shoes

I've been on the hunt for a pair of "Saturday Shoes" for a while now. What are Saturday shoes, you ask?  Well, they are shoes that are comfortable enough for running errands but still make your outfit looked put together. Hello, I found them!  Actually I have to admit, I've been doing a lot of shopping on Athleta and saw that one of the models had a cute pair of black Saucony's on with leggings, sweater and I thought, I want those! 

And then they didn't have them in my I found these on and decided to go with the navy rather than the black - super happy with my decision.   I'm really loving my new saturdays.  Yes, that's their name.  Saturdays have also made an appearance on a Monday and a Thursday. What?!?! I know, the universe is going to implode or something...but it's ok, pretty sure that won't happen.  If the news anchor says a global implosion is coming, I'll change the name of my shoes to Fred. It'll be just fine. 

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