Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why you shouldn't text & blow dry

Texting while blow drying my hair turned into a series of selfies that I couldn't resist but share.

Because, it appears that maybe I should do more useful things like contemplate the meaning of life or figure out how to end the problems in the middle east rather than be on my phone and blow drying my hair. But because I was, I thought why not share and tell you about my new favorite curly hair products?

This is what you call dorky lemons turned into lemonade...ok maybe that doesn't actually translate other than the DORKY part is totally true.

I've found that most people in California do not have curly hair...actually maybe they are closet curly hair people that straighten it every day when going out in public.  This is why it's taken me 5 years to find someone that can cut my hair properly.  Because I'm lazy and completely unable to straighten my hair and believe it or not, actually like the giant mop on my head to be messy and curly.

Today I was texting a friend while blow drying my hair.   Since I was still holding the phone in between texts, I thought, well why not take selfies of myself?!? Totally logical.

You. Are. Welcome.

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