Saturday, March 22, 2014

A whale of a good time!

It's been a bit rainy during our first few days in Maui, but it really hasn't put a damper on our sun tanning, beach walking or ocean swimming. Basically it's been like a produce mister at the grocery store - just enough rain to keep you cool but not enough rain to get your book wet - perfect in my book. (Also enough sun to burn the bejesus out of my shoulders and chest - in typical AnnE fashion, I always seem to miss a few key spots!) 

Mike's birthday wish was to see a whale and while we were swimming in the ocean we watched as a whale was leaping out of the ocean and belly flopping back in. It truly was magical. 

Today, while I wait for the lounge chairs to dry off from the morning rain, I sit here on our deck peering out over the ocean looking for whales (have not seen one, but with a view like this, it's ok.)

Vacation is awesome. 

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