Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vacation meals (that don't break the bank)

The first night we got to Ka'annapali, we went to Safeway and picked up breakfast and lunch items so that the only meal we'd need to eat out would be dinners. It's amazing what a teeny tiny frig can do to turn your hotel room into a basically a studio apartment. Since Mike and I are huge fans of yogurt and granola at home, we decided to get a pack of yoplait yogurts and a box of Kashi almond, flax and honey granola. (Since I started making homemade granola at home, we've become pretty particular to the store bought varieties - most of them just have too many artificial flavors- but this Kashi granola was really really good. Totally a winner, in fact, Mike asked to take a picture of the box so thy we wouldn't forget it. 

For lunch, we bought the fixin's for pb&j, chips and Oreos (Oreos have become our indulgent vacation food - it's literally the only time we buy them.) But now that it's become such a tradition, we can't pass up the opportunity.

And then of course we can't forget about happy hour - we bought gluten free crackers and cheese (also something we don't normally eat at home) and wine - that's a no-brainer. 

You definitely wouldn't need to be cheap like us - there are a ton of really good options to get your drink on or eat - Our hotel is fantastic and has a few different restaurants/bars and the hotel also sits directly next to a mall called Whaler's village but the island prices for food are a bit pricey (especially for 2 cheapskates) so having this little frig in the room really worked well for us. 

On this last full day in Ka'annapali, we decided to get breakfast sandwiches from the in house Starbucks. They were delish, but I'd have to say the view trumps everything. I'm sure going to miss this deck and view. Yesterday morning we sat on the deck and watched close to 20 whales playing pretty close to shore. It wa amazing. Today unfortunately, I must have missed the recess time for whales as I haven't seen any yet (although that might be the fault of a deliciously sinful butter croissant that kept my attention.) 

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