Tuesday, April 1, 2014

stream of conscious

I know I know.  I told you I was going to blog daily and then BAM! I got sucked into vacation mode and then back into reality mode...so here I am. My pictures have yet to be downloaded off the camera, so the Hawaii recap will have to wait for another day.  Until then, let's play,

"What's going on in AnnE's head?"

{sweater and scarf not advised attire while snorkeling...good thing I wasn't actually in the water...how embarrassed would I be?}

I was walking through the dollar store the other day and I kept looking for the prices on items. I was about to walk up to the checker when I read one of the signs on the window with the title of the shop, "Everything's $1" ...and that's when I turned abruptly around and walked the other way.  As it turns out no price tags needed when everything is $1. oops. It sure pays to read the name of the store on your way inside.
Today, we had a thunderstorm - can I mention the fact that this is only the 2nd thunderstorm since we moved here over 5 years ago?  That's a good precursor to what I thought next...
"Who in the heck is moving all that furniture upstairs?"
... We live on the top floor.  We don't have neighbors above us... this might also tell you how much I love living in a multifamily dwelling... clearly I've had enough, even the imaginary neighbors are driving me crazy.
I recently opened a Twitter account.  I have no idea what to do with it though.  Funny, I can grasp the idea of rambling on a blog but I feel as if I'm going to have stage fright with only 140 characters.
While in Hawaii we planned to snorkel - (hence the picture above of me practicing wearing my goggles in the middle of Dick's Sporting Goods.)   As it turns out, I get panic attacks (who knew?! not me) but only when the waves are hitting me, goggles are on and there's a snorkel in my mouth...and fish nearby. Yep, I was all good until my thoughts swam into my brain and told me that I could indeed have a fish swim up next to me.  Once I had that thought, I couldn't shake it and I made a bee line for the shore.  Once settled, I did actually go back out into the water with a floaty (stop picturing arm floaties, please!...it was actually one of those swimsuits with the life jacket built in - kidding! it was an inner tube...and I was a lifeguard in college, so I shouldn't be too frightened about the water) and no snorkel...it was the snorkel not the fish that set off the panic attack.
I read 4 books while in Hawaii. This is a serious accomplishment people! I never used to read that much.  I'd like to thank the iPhone for letting me borrow library books on you so that I can stay awake until the wee hours reading on you and not keep Mike awake with a book light.  My eye sight probably doesn't thank you, however.  BUT, the Keurig machine is loving you, I just need my 2 cup jolt in the morning and I'm good for another day.
While we're talking books - the cutest book I've read in a while, which was described to me as "Devil wears Prada" meets Wall Street was Bond Girl by Erin Duffy. Super fast and easy read but cute...especially if you had close ties to the Financial Industry and the super fun melt down of 2008.

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