Friday, April 18, 2014

bedazzling the deck

I've had geraniums blooming on our deck for nearly 2 years straight - same plants! But I think they've either maxed out their lifespan or the "cold" weather and loads of rain in short periods of time have really gotten to them.  So now it's time to start fresh with the plants on the deck. 

I've tried starting plants from seed and I don't think I'm diligent enough to water at the right times and right amounts because I always seem like I'm killing those poor little seedlings.

I'm pretty sure when walking through Home Depot's garden center that Geraniums are in the "I need full sun" category.  But our deck has minimal sun and they do just fine.  However, most of the other plants that I bought the first year I was planting on our deck that were in the "full sun" category actually needed full sun and died soon after.  So I like to stick to the partial sun or shady plants.  And since I prefer to not have our neighbors peer inside our living room every time they are taking their dog out, I like full plants that provide a bit of privacy.  

Right now we are a plethora (meaning 3, sometimes I just want to use that word) of ferns.  So we're good there.  I like ferns, they do well in the shade but to me, they are kind of boring.  We also have some herb that I have no idea what it is but I let it go to seed so I haven't used it (I'm pretty sure if you want it to keep producing the herbs you aren't supposed to let it go to seed, oops.) I think it might have been some sort of fancy oregano (not really fancy but it has some adjective describing the oregano that I can't remember.)  SeƱor fancy oregano has done well in the shade but since I rarely use fresh oregano in anything I cook, I would like to actually grow herbs that would be useful in the kitchen (and hello! cheaper than buying the fresh herbs at the grocery store.)  I did a little research and decided that chives, parsley and thyme are all good herbs that can handle the shade. I actually keep this planter in the one spot that gets morning sun pretty well, so i guess it usually has a good few hours of sun a day. 

I just added a few succulents.  Again my technique of over watering might be the death of these cute little plants. I'm going to hold back from watering in hopes that they think they are living in the Sahara. {Fingers crossed}  Once summer rolls around, pretty sure they'll excel in our 112 degree dry heat - they will be the only ones excelling in that heat, while Barkley, Mike and I huddle around the air conditioning vent.

Aside from plants on the railing, I've always liked the idea of a living wall.  Wouldn't it be cool to add this to the side of your house?  We can't nail into our outside walls, otherwise I'd be all over something like this round living planter from nevastarr.  

Or how about this sweet planter from the Etsy shop Roped on Cedar.  The dog totally sold me on this planter. :) 

{photo credit and planter for sale - here}

And then of course you don't always have to have plants to spunk up the deck. You can add other stuff, like our turtle named Soup. 

Or this little guy.  I think I really, really need to find a spot for this little pocket gnome.
{photo credit and gnome sold - here}

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