Thursday, April 17, 2014

new at 52nd & Barkley!

I have to give a huge shout out to Kerri for suggesting that I start making these drool pads for the shop.  I had such a great time making them. I'm not really sure why because I've used a lot of these fabrics in different ways but I think the "good things come in small packages" idea springs to mind.   That, and I'm a sucker for a good tool so getting to use the snap pliers was right up my alley.

These drool pads fit any baby carrier like an Ergo or Baby Bjorn with straps up to 4 inches wide.  Just snap the drool pads on, let the baby snuggle the minky side or the cotton side, or one of each - drool, nap or play with the ribbon loops.  Speaking of ribbon loops, it's like having 14 extra arms to entertain baby! (ok, maybe not 14, rather 6.) Just attach a ring with their favorite toy.  Sweet! 

Another added benefit (other than growing more limbs) is that you don't have to wash your carrier every time they've been drooling all over it. Just unsnap the drool pads, toss in the wash and line dry and 

Jump on over to my shop to check out the {drool pads}.

Can I also just mention that there are amazing people that shop on Etsy?  Occasionally I'll get a customer that's looking for something specific that I don't have in my shop yet.  Their ideas are wonderful, and sometimes so incredibly simple {like making gift packs out of two separate items I have already listed in the shop}.  Which is why some of the drool pad sets are now being sold with pacifier clips - for a matching baby accessory set. How fun is that?!?  

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the suggestions -- and keep them coming! Just like I told this customer, not being a mama myself, I need to rely on the ideas of new moms to help keep making relevant baby items for 52nd & Barkley.  I really and truly appreciate it.  

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Conor and Kerri said...

AnnE! I just saw this (sorry I'm a little behind the times!) They look great!!! - much fancier than the ones I made for Elias. And I love the idea of the matching pacifier clips. So cute!!!