Thursday, May 22, 2014

new at 52nd & Barkley {lovie blankets}

Great things continue to happen in the Etsy shop. I know I've said it before and I'll continue to say it again, but the ideas of my friends/customers are always fantastic! Recently I made a custom gift set which included two lovie blankets for twin girls. I loved how they turned out and then not even a week after they were sent, a great supporter/friend/customer (she wears many hats) asked that I make one for her little guy too! I am so loving all the ideas and I love that I can bring them to life.  I think the blankie holds a special place in my heart because I kept mine for so very long. (I still check on it when I go home to my mom and dad's house. Yes, I know I'm 33.75 years old, but c'mon, blankies are special! Mine was made by some ladies in my hometown and given to my mom as a baby shower gift, so I thoroughly understand the meaning behind creating something special and thus creating amazing memories.) I'm getting a bit deep here, sorry about that.  Anywho, let's talk about stegosauruses. Yep, totally a normal transition in my book...

These lovies range in size from about 18 inches square to about 24 inches square...depending on the blanket, so they are great for little ones to snuggle with and carry with them (are you thinking of Linus from Charlie Brown right now too?) So these lovie blankets are smaller than my normal size blankets which usually measure around 36 - 42 inches square.

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