Wednesday, August 20, 2014

workout your workout (clothes)

Ok, first of all -- Hello! Seriously, in my head, I feel like I've come up with some many blog posts - like about the wineries we went to when we played hooky from work a few weeks ago or my birthday week or the books I've read or our trip to MN...but instead it's been all quiet on the blogging front.  I do apologize. I am going to try to be more chatty here on the blog. 

I'm a big fan of doing yoga and running.  (Not at the same time... duh!)
No, I really like to run on the hottest days of the year (which are right now) for some reason I don't mind running at the late afternoon when it's still 100 degrees.  It helps that we don't have high humidity but still it's hot...and I like it. While I've never tried Hot Yoga, I'd probably like that too. Especially because that would mean getting some hot yoga clothes, which are obviously different than regular yoga clothes. (I might, just might, have an addiction to lycra, but it's ok. First step is admitting it.)

To aid in my addiction, I recently tried out Kate Hudson's new line of clothing - Fabletics.  I have been so impressed.  When you sign up you get an outfit for 50% off and free shipping (SCORE!) so it basically runs you about $25 for a complete outfit (you can't even find a sports bra for $25 most places, and you get 2-3 pieces for $25!).  I mean, c'mon, you might as well sign up just for the one outfit and then you can quit right after that (this is what I thought, but you know...ahem, lycra addiction, cough cough.)  I am going to try not to purchase something every month, and just build out my errand running, Barkley walking, lounging nightly wardrobe with a few pieces here and there - like for instance, I might have just gone over board at Athleta with a few new pairs of capri tights for my birthday, so I'm good with the bottoms.  I just need some cute tops to go along with it, which is why I also purchased a sweatshirt/sports bra combo.  

I loved this green tank so much for running that I purchased it in black too. They are super light weight, and fitted but not too fitted that while you are working out you feel like you need to suck it in because your shirt is glued to you. The running skort is super cute too - the little fancy pants underneath are of the same multicolored pattern that the waist band is. Which was a fun surprise.  I love running in skorts, in fact I don't think I've run in my running shorts all summer, the skorts are way more comfortable and less constricting.  And as a bonus, if you need to run to your financial advisor's office before going for a run, you can, just toss a motorcycle jacket over the top of your running tank/running skort combo and you look normal...speaking from experience.

This sweatshirt is super cute on - great length and color.  And, I'm in love with this sports bra. It's not a sports bra to run in for me, it'll be more for lounging in the evenings and yoga.

Everything that I've purchased has been high quality, pretty much on par with Athleta or Lululemon (which by the way, I may have an addiction to yoga clothes, but I have to draw a line in the sand someplace, Lululemon's clothes are just plain old too pricey for me to justify an entire yoga wardrobe. That said, I did just get my first Lululemon jacket for my birthday from Mike - he's the best. Sensing a theme here?  There was a lot of lycra purchased for this girl's #34 year.)  Anyway, the Fabletics clothes are the right price, they have great designs, and are made well and I'll be a fan for life.  

If you want to join, help a sista out! Everytime a friend (like you!) joins, the recommender (me) will get $10 to use on a future purchase. How great is that?!?! I know! Now you need to join and then tell all your friends so that they can help you buy another outfit.  And because I'd feel bad if I didn't tell you all the fine print (no, I'm not long long sisters with Kate Hudson), when you join, you are then sent a monthly email with outfits picked out just for you on the 1st of the month.  You have until the 5th of the month to say if you want to pass that month or if you are going to make a purchase.  I don't think that you need to make that purchase within the first 5 days, but by day 6 if you haven't said you are going to pass for the month, you will be charged a specific amount -- which doesn't just vanish into thin air or sent straight to the man who invented lycra, it's applied to your next purchase.  Just wanted to give you the complete 411.  I (obviously) haven't cancelled my membership, but if you want to, you just have to call their customer service line. I've done this for other clothing memberships in the past and they always seem to be nice and understanding, not pushy in any way.  So you don't have to worry that you are going to be stuck in a gym membership like Chandler from Friends. Aww yes, it was a great one. 

Oh yes, and here's my Fabletics link. Enjoy!

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