Thursday, August 21, 2014

a little hometown + alma mater pride

So I was just browsing Tailgate today to see what's new and I came across this Badger blanket that looked like something the Faribault Woolen Mills would make.  So I clicked on the blanket to check it out even closer and sure enough! My hometown of Faribault MN is stamped right on the blanket! Way to go! Growing up, we always had a bunch of woolen mills blankets around the house and still today; we have a few we received for our wedding and my graduation in our apartment. They are such great blankets. The Faribault Woolen Mills has been featured nationally in Martha Stewart and West Elm and every time I see it, I'm pretty excited. 

(hence the need to blog about it.) 

Can I also mention that UW - Madison was rated as one of the top 25 universities in the world!?!  I'd like to point this out because Notre Dame (the school that all my siblings went to - they don't even read my blog but I still need to point this fact out) was NOT on the top 25 list.  But just to make sure you don't feel left out of everything.  Tailgate does feature 2 different Woolen Mills blankets for you.

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