Wednesday, July 8, 2015

my favorite things...on sale!

Have you ever tried to get a picture of the top of your foot AND the bottom? At the SAME time? Well, it's pretty tough, which is why I had my trusty spotter Barkley nearby in case something horrible happened like I turned into a pretzel, in which case she'd lick the pretzel salt off and leave the rest (she's a fan of the salt.) 

Anyway, this isn't a post on snack time, it's a post about my favorite socks -- and the fact that you should go get some as they are on sale for just a few short days!!!! yahoo! 

I made a rule at the start of the first round of IVF that I would do whatever it takes to celebrate the small victories, enjoy simple moments and inject happiness in every aspect of my life that I could control. IVF is hard, really really hard and it's overwhelming and it can be sad, frustrating and you can throw any ounce of control that you think you might have out the window. But, you know what's awesome and they even made a movie with penguins about it? Happy Feet. That's right, happiness every time I look down? Sold. I'd pay thousands (kidding, it's still just a sock and the IVF doctors have taken large chucks of our money.) 

So back to the happiness. I stumbled upon Woven Pear via Merrick's Art on Instagram. The idea of cute socks seemed to fall right into my happiness stipulation so I decided to buy 2 pairs and I love them. The other day, I saw on Instagram that they were having a sale on Groopdealz, I decided it was time to put more happiness in my sock drawer in the form of more Woven Pear socks. The sale is still going on and so I think you should check them out too. It's a great deal.  The socks are so soft and comfortable, I love them! 

There's a ton of different options and there's free shipping -- check it all out here

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