Thursday, July 2, 2015

oh hey! let's recap the last year and a half! (or however long it's been...)

it's been a while.
Sorry about that.
but to be honest, I'm pretty boring and I've probably only done a few things like sew, watch the Bachelorette and have my blood drawn daily that it's amazing my entire arms haven't just stayed a lovely color called "bruised".

But, there's also been some fun stuff like we purchased a house we don't know if we'll ever move into* (more on that in another post), a few road trips, some great books (and not so great books) read and I've started to work on some new items for the shop that should be finished soon and you know, that whole IVF thing.... but first, I know the real reason you stopped by the blog, it's to see this little human wrapped up in a white fur coat.

Hot day, happy girl

Sometimes I pretend to use Barkley as a pillow. She allows it for about 0.3 seconds, unless you put the camera into selfie mode and then she's happy to look at herself for hours.  Pretty sure that either means she needs a friend or a full length mirror. 

The kennel we take Barkley to takes pictures of her daily and posts them on Facebook. This one was so great I had to save it.  She loves it there so much. 


Don't you touch my Barron's Daddy. I'm not done reading *ahem, upside down, ahem* she's a really talented reader.  And she loves her stocks -- DOG, SQRL, CAT, WLK -- just to name a few. 

This is Barkley's favorite pet store -- Molly's Pup-per-ee in Danville. It's such a cute store, we love to go there, the only trouble is that she refuses to leave (they give really good treats inside, I don't blamer her!) 

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