Friday, February 6, 2015

wine: Freemark Abbey

I stopped drinking wine when I started the IVF drugs. Oddly enough, I was totally ok with that. I know. shocking

Anywho, we have frozen our embryos, so we've got a bit of time while I'm not on anything that we can open a bottle of wine, watch the Bachelor and enjoy. Man oh man this crop of girls is a trip.  Don't tell me what's going on, we're a week behind...
Anyway, we figured if there's only going to be one bottle of wine opened between the meds, it better be a good one.  Scratch that. A wow-wee I love what Napa produces type of wine.  There are a lot of options when this is what you are looking for in a bottle of wine, but hello. We're doing IVF, it's not cheap and we've yet to find that tree that produces dollar bills. (still searching).

We stumbled upon Freemark Abbey a few years ago when Mike did a project about them for his MBA program.  We drive past their winery all the time when we are in Napa, and all we've done is jump out of the car and take a picture of Mike in front of their sign. Seriously, next time we need to actually do a wine tasting. So many choices, not enough time.  

But until we actually grace them with our presence. We did the next best thing by going to the grocery store and buying this bottle.  I imagine it was around the $30-35 range, but I'm not sure. Mike was in charge of picking out the wines that night.  Anyway, you'd think that since I'm so diligent with the blogging again (yes, by diligent, I mean 2 consecutive entries in one week. baby steps people.) I would have written notes about the bottle.  Well I didn't. But I can tell you examples of what we probably said when we tasted it.
Now, they know how to make a bottle of wine. 

While you may not think that list tells you enough about the actual taste of the wine, I'll go into a bit more detail:
pairs well with: The Bachelor
color: Cabernet-colored
taste: mmmm, good.  

Pretty much that can be translated into a great bottle of wine with plum, dark cherry, chocolate, peppery, oak, cedar, figs, dried herbs and great full body from start to finish.  I lied, I didn't gather that from my description. I googled Freemark Abbey 2011 Cab and the fine folks and Freemark Abbey gave me those suggestions.  And sure enough, I remember every single note. 

 Oh yes, and they also told me I was wrong on the price -- it's $44 per bottle. 

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