Thursday, April 2, 2009

joining the ranks

well after 70 days of taking a lot of naps, reading books and being bored out of my gourd, I'm back on someone's payroll! yahoo! I was offered a job yesterday and started working today, (because when you've had 70 days to ponder what it's like without a job) it's ok to start working right away! or so i thought yesterday when i so eagerly said yes without hesitation. Day one in the office was good, the basics, following someone around and taking mad crazy notes, but it'll all become second nature soon, I'm sure.
I knew there was a reason why last Saturday, Mike decided that today was the day to get the scooter back up and running! The job is actually easier to get to by scooter since it's only 5 miles away, however i also think it'll be fun to ride my bike a mile to the train, jump on the train for a few stops and then ride a mile to the office. I say that it sounds fun now - I'll let you know when i actually test that one out. but hey, the way i look at it, biking = fun, riding a train = fun, getting a workout to and from work and being a little stinky in the hot summer months = hmm...i'll have to think about that one.
So last night after having the interview and doing a few errands on the scooter, I nearly ran over a turkey crossing the road. This turkey was man-eating size and have you ever watched a turkey scurry across the street? it's really quite funny, plus a bit funny when you realize a turkey is running across the street...the how did the chicken cross the road joke just kept running through my head. good thing i'm such a good driver and aware of my surroundings!
by the way, i'm also well aware of my attempt to keep on some sort of Wednesday Wine routine, however for the last 2 weeks, Mike and his computer have been traveling. So next week, I do believe, we'll be back on track. (not that you really care but i do).

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