Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my vices

I have two vices. Two very wonderful vices that make me so happy, unfortunately both vices are rather expensive.

Kate Spade and Cabernet Sauvignon.

I mean seriously, if one HAS to have a vice, don't you think it should be one of these two things? You see last Christmas Mike opened a can of worms by giving me a Kate Spade bag. I love it. It makes me smile every day. This year my boss bought me a bag - the one that is seen behind Francis Ford Coppola above. (It was payback, or maybe bribery... either way ...bad bosses out there? Buy your employees a new Kate Spade bag and they are likely to stay another month or two.)
The wine above is brought to you by Francis Ford Coppola himself...or his wonderful winery in Sonoma County that we always say we need to go to and then for some reason get side tracked in Napa County and never go there. It's on our list. We will go there and I will take pictures to show you. I hear that the winery is devoted to all the Coppola movies. I'm sure it's sweet. Our San Francisco Day Trip flash cards tells us we need to go there. We will. I assure you.
This wine however was not so great. Although I'm on my second glass tonight so really who am I to complain, Right? It's much better tonight than last night when we just opened it. Mike and I did our usual taste test (you know the one where you practice on what you would say if you were in a restaurant and the waiter chose you to decide if this wine was drinkable or if it needed to be sent back.) I really want to send a wine back someday. It would have to be really bad though. I'm not likely to not drink something. It would be for show and then I'd probably run back to the waiter and say just kidding, could you bring that back now?
[2.5 stars] although after first taste it would be a mere [1.87 star].
This wine had a very peppery smell, followed by the immediate taste of berries. The most sugary berries you could find on a June day of picking. Much too sugary. Then once you swallowed the wine, your throat heated up as you would wish it would if you were walking to the bus on wintery morning in Minnesota when the thermometer read -37 degrees. Yes, you would only HOPE that the heat in your throat could warm up your appendages.
But, who am I kidding. I never rode the bus. I drove. Mike rode the bus.
The 2.5 stars comes in to effect today. One day after the wine was opened it has a whole new note of deliciousness. It really is much better today. The berry taste is gone and now it's all about the pepper. I like pepper. Pepper and the heat of the alcohol. People like to call that the bold flavor. I just tell it like it is. I like the alcohol content. The higher the better. It's bold and delicious.
On a side note...I apologize for falling off the face of the earth for the last few weeks. I've got boatloads of things to tell you about and have tried to tell you about it but this week my Internet has been in a funk. It apparently has decided to take the entire week off just like my boss and coworkers. Not that I'm complaining, I do like to be the only one in the office. I'm pretty sure I was a hermit in my past life. That and a caterpillar.
So if the Internet needed to take some time off, so be it. The days at work were worth it. But I do have a new camera. It is absolutely wonderful. I love it. Thanks mom and dad! (and it's Badger red. I know! That really ups the cool factor. too bad I can't figure out a way to take a picture of the camera WITH the camera. But then I just realized...hello! That's what mirrors are for!) I'll be sure to show it off soon. But no need to do that all in one day. Moderation is key. And our dinner is ready.
The end.

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