Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'tis the season: decorating, wine and rubbermaid bins

This ballerina was my most favorite ornament as a kid. I completely believed I was as graceful as her...although in real life I ran into wall after wall and broke my glasses 6 times in one year...whoops. Apparently I'm not as graceful as her.

Here's our tree in all its glory. The bonus of the fake tree is we love it SO much, we aren't taking it down. EVER. Yep, even though we've made the room in the closet, we are those kind of people.

I'm not only addicted to coffee, I think I'm also addicted to coffee related Christmas decorations. This year, I'm hoping for a Peet's coffee mug for the tree.

Our tree skirt. Finally our tree is fully dressed. Thanks mom!
Recently we decided we were up to the challenge...the challenge of trying to figure out where on earth a fake tree will be stored for 11 months of the year. Our closets are completely decked out in Rubbermaid bins, and yes they are all labeled. (That's what happens when you move someplace new, are unemployed and have no friends...yes, that equals seriously organized closets.)

We've spent our fair share of Christmases without a Christmas tree. We had a real one that dropped all its needles, plus I'm convinced our neighbors shook their trees out in our living room as well, we had so many needles we were finding them for months. That real tree was enough for us to decide that we've officially become a fake tree family and we LOVE it!

And now on to the wine:
[1.5 stars]
So I'm sure by now you have realized our love of Kenwood Zin. We love love love it. So of course when we saw the Kenwood Cab, we were ecstatic! Unfortunately, the 30th anniversary Kenwood Cab is so not worth getting excited over. We were quite disappointed with the taste of the cab. We won't be trying this one again, although don't you worry Mr. Kenwood, we have an entire case of Kenwood Zin on our Christmas list to Santa. I wish oh I wish that Santa will realize that you can indeed delivery wine to the state of California, heck he doesn't even need to put it in his sleigh, he can just swing on in to the Kenwood winery up the road and then drop it off in 2 seconds flat. (Because you know he goes really really fast with those deer.)
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm on my way to let Santa know of the logistics of this plan. I'm sure he'll love it!

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