Wednesday, January 20, 2010


right above Mike's head is El Capitan, then the distant snow covered area just over my head and to the right is Cloud's Rest, and then it's Half Dome and then if you look real close over to the right, you'll see Bridalveil Falls.
[me and half dome]

[the dining room at The Ahwahnee Hotel...I think F. Scott Fitzgerald would have had a kickin' party here...we had caesar salads. they, too, were kickin'.]

[snow! yahoo!...funny how snow is so cool when you don't have to shovel.]
2 rockslides - (which we weren't apart of)

4 coyotes we saw from afar

17 deer that Mike was able to spot MILES away, yet I couldn't spot one until I was so close I could pet it.

and 2 squirrels that I DID see...thank you very much.
Our trip to Yosemite was a MUCH needed break from the reality of "will he have a job? won't he have a job?" (HE HAS A JOB!!!) (We found out today...but shhhh....I'm not supposed to tell.) Anyways, after months of wondering what on earth was in our near future...we finally know.
Piano has finally been lifted off thy back.
But this weekend we didn't know our fate and a trip to Yosemite was JUST the ticket to forgetting all those job related uncertainties and hanging out in the company of 2 squirrels and 17 deer and SNOW! It was great to see some snow.
I. loved. it.
Yosemite was wonderful. I can't wait to go back.

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