Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This weekend (yes I realize it's already Tuesday, but go with it, I don't use my computer much on the weekends) involved a lot of napping (when will this rainy season stop?!), watching Phil win the Masters (woo-hoo!) and discovering that an "As seen on TV" product involving a plastic tray and some astroturf is all Barkley needed to be well on her way of potty training. (double woo-hoo!) So while we were at the Pet Store buying a larger crate as our pup is growing leaps and bounds and is far too big for her wee little crate, we also bought the Potty Patch.  We were extremely skeptic, but let me tell you, this is product is magic. And yes, the westie on the box for the Potty Patch totally sold us on buying the product. 

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