Thursday, April 8, 2010

Belden Place. SF

Belden Place is our favorite street in all of San Francisco.  After walking from Union Square past the entrance to Chinatown you will see a short little street. Don't blink or you'll miss it.  Belden Place offers a wide array of food options: Seafood, American, French, and several Italian options. 

A more eloquent description is located [here].  If you are ever in the area you really should try one or all of the restaurants on Belden.  You won't be disappointed. 


Really, you should go.  We'll  come too. Tell us you are coming first, of course. We are good hosts. And we like to eat.

Bring an extra layer or 2 if you plan to sit outside no matter the time of year because although the heat lamps are always on...this is San Francisco after all.  Indoor seating is quaint and nice as well, so if you didn't bring an extra fleece layer, don't worry your pretty little heart, the inside ambiance is great as well.

So of all the places to eat on Belden. We chose Plouf - the French option and were not disappointed.

This little french bistro came fully equipped with your very own french waiter. Our waiter upsold us on this delicious bottle of wine: Chateau Grange-Neuve.   This wine was a winner.  For dinner, we all enjoyed fish, however Mike's dish offered the most entertainment.  An entire fish was presented to him on a plate, then the chef came out armed with 2 spoons and de-headed / boned the fish.  Spoons people! Who knew you could work such magic with 2 spoons?

We didn't try any desserts because we were stuff silly.  The dinner was great but having the company of friends to dine with was exceptional.  We then proceeded to all fall asleep on the train home.  Don't worry, we woke up in plenty of time.

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