Friday, April 2, 2010

Rouge & Blanc

Talk about the most perfect name for a wine bar: Rouge & Blanc.  Rouge & Blanc is located just down the street from the entrance of Chinatown in San Francisco.  Rouge & Blanc did not offer great service by any stretch of the imagination, however the Zin we had was good and the ambiance was great.  I loved the way the restaurant was decorated - check out the twig-like chandelier and the corks used in the vase.  You could sit on one of their couches, round tables or at the window to watch the world go by.  Unfortunately, the couches had all been claimed, so we hung out at one of the round tables and enjoyed our Sonomo Co. Zinfandel.

Our Zin was good. I'd say it was scored [3.27 stars].  Unfortunately, between all the wine tastings and dinners, I cannot for the life of me remember anything specific about this wine other than it was good.  But really, isn't that the most important thing to remember anyway?

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