Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robert Mondavi

Our day trip to Sonoma had one Napa stop thrown into the mix - Robert Mondavi.  We went straight to the Reserve Tasting room (which by the way, we did at nearly every winery that had the option.)  We enjoy the Reserve Tasting rooms as they don't cost much more than the regular tasting room but you often get to try some unique wines that are only available at the winery or some wines that are more expensive and not the typical bottle of wine we will pick up for a typical weeknight of catching up on American Idol and Lost.

The Reserve Tasting room at Mondavi offers 4 tastes for $30. The pours were about 2 oz. each, so although the cost was the most expensive during our tour, the pours were double the amount in each glass.   Mike and I always share a tasting, it keeps cost down and allows you to taste plenty of wines without getting tipsy. 

Our wine guy offered zero information about the wines, but that wasn't really his fault, the bar area isn't very large, so it seems like they want you in and out as quickly as possible.  Our wine guy did suggest that we try the Stag's Leap Cab and the 06 - both were great.   We also chose a Pinot and the 98 Cab to complete our tasting.  Once the wines for tasting have been chosen, he suggested that we find a cozy spot to sit and enjoy, so we headed to the lovely dining room table next to the fire place to enjoy.  It was very relaxing and the four of us critiqued the wines together. 

We started with the Pinot. It was pleasant but I'm not really a fan of the Pinots.  Next we moved to the 98 Cab, the Stag's Leap then finally the 06 Cab.  The Stag's Leap Cab (Note: Stag's Leap is an area of land in Napa, along with a winery, this Stag's Leap comes from grapes grown in the Stag's Leap area, not from a different winery, although that would be interesting.) and the 06 Cab were our favorites.  The 98 Cab was very smooth and earthy but a little too earthy for our tastes. 

And by earthy, I mean dirt.  

Now, I love me some dirt, but sometimes you just want to study it, not drink it.

The most interesting observation from this tasting was after tasting the four wines, we went back to taste the Pinot. The Pinot smelled and tasted like maple syrup.  You never would have tasted the maple syrup-ness of it until you tasted all the Cabs with their bold earthyness flavors. 

Below is a picture of the fireplace and dining table that we enjoyed our wines.  Such a wonderful and cozy place to enjoy I just need to figure out how to discreetly take this 12 foot table home with me.  Just kidding, Mr. Mondavi. I'll just come visit you every time I need a rustic living/dining room fix.

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