Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wine: Gladiator

I met a real gladiator once. His name is Russell CroweIt's true. I wouldn't lie about something like that.  He told me he liked my eyes...and I proceeded to stutter and probably had a little drool.  The drool part isn't that unusual though, I do that part a LOT.

Anyway, the wine. Turns out that as much as Russell Crowe is the cream of the crop (and I'm very excited to see Robin Hood,) this Gladiator is top notch.

Good label + great price + bold punch o' flavor = 3.47 stars. 
check out that math.  I took a semester of calculus in college, so trust me, it's right.

Mike and I went to the grocery store one day because we wanted to refill our wine fridge, but we wanted to find awesome wines at a great price (i.e. under $10 per bottle.)  So we bought 6 bottles of Gladiator wine and a box of donut holes with jimmies.  Just kidding, we bought 6 different wines.  Not kidding about the donut holes. I'm a sucker for the jimmies and haven't had a donut hole in a year.  They were beckoning to me. 

Gladiator is a great weekday wine, because like I said the price point is great, plus the bold flavor makes for a fabulous way to end a day.

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Kerri said...

remember when we used to eat crispy creme donut holes at CMI? mmmm...those are good!