Thursday, June 24, 2010

hello? hello?

Pardon the radio silence, but I'm back. Hopefully you haven't missed me too much, or rather, hopefuly you weren't enjoying the silence and now I've ruined it by blogging again.   I've had a wonderful start to summer full of house guests, a road trip and a pup that got spayed (I listen to Bob Barker.) I promise that I will start blogging on a regular basis.  On my roadtrip with my mom and Barkley, I unfortunately broke my camera. Bummer! I hope the camera is simply taking a siesta and doesn't want to be laid to rest.  I tossed in a nalgene bottle into my purse, 2 hours later I grabbed my purse and lo and behold there was an empty nalgene and a non-working damp camera. I have high hopes in the camera guy that suggested placing the camera in a window sill and letting it enjoy the sunshine.  I'll let you know how it goes.

A few weeks ago, 12 acres of Mt. Diablo started on fire.  After sitting in traffic, watching the helicopters and planes come to the rescue dumping buckets of water, I was able to run home, grab Mike and Barkley and drive to a top of a hill to take this picture.  I really hope this is the only time that we have to see acres go up in flames, however, I'm not sure it will be.  I understand from the natives that the last time Mt. Diablo burned was around 1980.  We received so much rain this winter, which seemed like a blessing, only that the brush and grass has grown so tall only to be brown, dead and dry now.   So dry that 12 acres singe in a matter of moments.  We need goats.

Lots and lots of hungry goats. 

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