Monday, June 28, 2010


Ever since we moved to the Bay Area, I have wanted to check out Mt. Shasta.  Prior to the move, a few of our neighbors told us to get "Bay Area Back Roads" - a book with loads of good day drives around the bay area that take you beyond the typical tourist traps.  Well, the book is no longer in print, but now they have "Bay Area Back Roads" flash cards. Now, I love a good flash card - (typically multiplication, I hate that long division) so I was up for the deck o' road trips.  Mt. Shasta is not in the "let's take a Sunday drive" section of the flashcards, it's more in the "hey, it's a long weekend in the summer and we need to see some snow" type of section.  We just drove past Mt. Shasta, so I have no idea what the towns have in store around the mountain, but from the highway (as the pictures were taken while driving down I-5) it seemed pretty cool to me. 

Shasta also has a really amazing lake with the most brilliant turquoise water - but I wasn't talented enough to take pictures of that while driving past (and, no I wasn't driving). But it looks like no matter the time of year, it'd be a fun spot to visit. 

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