Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wine Wednesday

I had no idea how much I loved California wine until we were on vacation. I mean, let's face it, I really love wine, however I didn't know the exact amount until we were in Europe and there was nary a drop of California Red to be found.   On our very last day of vacation, we went to the wonderland emporium of Harrod's. Let me tell you, if I lived in London, I would frequent Harrod's often. and I mean of - TEN.  Inside Harrod's you can buy high end jewels, pet toys, furniture, and Juicy Couture sweat pants.  Oh yes, and groceries and wine.

We love Seghesio wine and were so excited to see it for sale at Harrod's.  Did we buy any, you ask?  Nope, because we live a hop, skip and a jump away from the winery, we didn't feel the need to buy it on the other side of the pond.  Had it been something that we found on day 1 of our 15 day that might have been a different story. 

Just three floors up from the wine shop is the grooming salon within Harrod's.  And what did two people missing their westie named Barkley see when they went to check out the pet area?  Well, of course, a Westie! In fact, when I used the restroom, I found Mike smiling at the window watching the westie.  Yes, I know mom, this is why you say that we need a child...but really, what's not to love in a westie?!?!
Harrod's won us over so much that we want to go back to London during the Christmas season so that we can see how they decorate.  Yep, we schedule our vacations on when we think shopping malls will look the prettiest.

We did live in the land of the Mall of America, after all.
It's not that strange.
OK maybe it is.

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