Saturday, September 3, 2011

getty museum

 A few weeks after returning from our travels to Europe, we headed down to LA to have a little college roomie reunion. Well, the weekend started out with a few mishaps.  Mike was sick, pneumonia-type sick, so he stayed home with Barkley.  So I headed down to LA for some fun, at the airport I lost my driver's license. How? No clue. Just jumped right out of my pocket as soon as I passed through the security gates.  But after settling down and accepting the fact my ID was gone, I had an amazing weekend with my friends.  It was so great to be together again.

I have always read about the Getty Museum and wanted to go check it out. I was happy that we made the trek to the Getty on Saturday morning.  Oddly enough, in all my times that I've read something about the Getty Museum, I've never actually learned who the Gettys are and how they earned their money.  So today, I did a bit of googling, (you know so that we can all sleep better tonight). Here's what I found: they were rich.  They married a lot. They were into drugs

...seriously, I have no idea where their money came from.  Clearly, I need to do more research.  Until then, enjoy the beautiful grounds.  The museum was nice, but the gardens were remarkable.

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